Embedded Systems

Development of microcontroller based boards and programming in a broad range of MCUs from 8 to 32 bits: Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR (arduino compatibles) and STMicroelectronics STM32 family (ARM Cortex-M).

We have experience designing diverse types of controllers from game and toys controllers, wireless communication devices, weigth controllers, etc.

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PCB Boards

Complete Development Cycle

We can develop from prototype to final product to fit your needs. Ask us to do the part of the job you need!

Microcontroler MCU

From 8 to 32 bits

We can help to select the best plattform for your product from a broad range of devices and architectures. From 8 bit MCUs to high end 32 bits processors either from Microchip, Atmel, STMicroelectronics, etc.

Wireless Boards

Wireless Communications

Choose the comunication technology you want in your product: RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

We will advise you and implement the solution that best fits to your product.

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3D Printers

Design and building of 3D printers. Development of printer controllers and components.

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Development of e-paper solutions like ESD (Electronic Shelf Displays) and integration of e-paper displays in consumer products.

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Artificial Intelligence

Real-time intelligent automation, algorithms and techniques for distributed AI systems, including multi-agent based control and simulation systems, decision-support systems, applications of chaos theory and fractals.